Demand for better organization of food trucks in Subbiya area

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 18: The altercations that took place in Subbiya area over the weekend, which required security intervention for firing shots to disperse the crowd, has opened the door to demands for a more organized structure for the gatherings witnessed in Subbiya and the presence of food trucks by increasing the pace of coordination between the concerned authorities to reduce congestion and prevent violations, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to security sources, the gathering of food trucks at the end of Jaber Bridge has become a security concern for the Ministry of Interior. This is due to the large numbers that are present at the site during the weekend, which results in youth gatherings that are difficult to control. The number of vehicles in an area not exceeding two square kilometers exceeds 200. The Control Room receives several reports about altercations and accidents, and they are dealt with immediately.

Sometimes, cases are also filed. Work is ongoing for coordination between the competent authorities in the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce, and Kuwait Municipality to organize the site so that the presence of such a large number of food trucks is not allowed in one place. The Ministry of Interior Friday announced that the Public Security Sector immediately dealt with an altercation involving a run-over act between a group of people in Subbiya area.

Three shots had to be fired to disperse the crowd, and one of the involved parties was arrested. Necessary legal measures are being taken in relation to the incident. In this regard, the sources elaborated that the site cannot accommodate more than 15 mobile vehicles due its limited area. Work will be done to distribute the rest of the vehicles in other locations in order to ensure there is no overcrowding that may cause altercation and hinder efforts to impose security control, in addition to not allowing activity after midnight and to take legal action against violators. They highlighted the keenness to secure the best environment for the food trucks, and not to harass the young entrepreneurs or deprive them of the opportunities available to them.

However, the sources insisted that the presence of food trucks should be limited to specific locations to carry out their activities, without allowing their movement and change of their locations randomly, adding that this will help the official authorities to follow it up properly, and determine its correct location in the event of any reports. Meanwhile, sources in Jahra Municipality affirmed that there are instructions to deal with any food truck that does not adhere to the location specified for it in Subbiya area, especially since the municipality had previously distributed the vehicles.

They revealed that there is existing coordination between the concerned municipality departments and the Ministry of Interior, and its inspectors will be present at the site every weekend. The sources said, “Some vehicles enter the site in violation, and carry out their activities without obtaining approval from the municipality. This has led to the occurrence of several violations. Therefore the role of the concerned department in the municipality is limited to impounding the vehicle and referring it to the impound site. Withdrawing the license is the role of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The fees for seizing and transporting the vehicle is KD 100. The value of the violation will be considered in court.”

This news has been read 8656 times!

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