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Wednesday , February 8 2023

Deliberate neglect, no planning, say Kuwaitis

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‘Firdous area deteriorating’

KUWAIT CITY, May 27: In light of the silence of government agencies and lack of efforts for restoration, a number of Kuwaiti citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the deterioration of the public facilities in Firdous area, reports Al-Shahid daily. They indicated that the buildings in the area are mostly dilapidated, old, and have not even come close to being renovated for a long time, adding that the conditions of the buildings from the inside and outside are shabby, tragic, and liable to collapse at any moment. The citizens said, “Our country has been endowed by Almighty Allah with goodness. Its bounties reach many countries of the world. However, our public facilities suffer from unbelievable neglect.

Who is responsible for everything that happens regarding these facilities? Why are they not being developed in a manner befitting the civilized image of Kuwait? The public facilities in various parts of the area are witnessing clear deterioration and deliberate neglect. When one compares them with the buildings in the surrounding areas, he would think that those buildings are from earlier centuries. The tiles in the public utilities of the area have long expired. They have become cracked and broken without any hope of undergoing repair. Therefore it was obvious that they would end up in such a state of deterioration. Many people have become aware that these facilities are not being monitored or accounted for. They therefore abuse them by tampering with everything big and small in them, and leaving nothing, starting from the surrounding trees to the broken tiles, and even the walls on which insulting phrases are sometimes written

As for the trees that a poet described as “died standing”, they were not spared by the hands of vandalizers, leaving only scattered parts of them, such that all that one can say about them is – “Here was a thing called a tree”. When we pass the public facilities in Firdous, it hurts because we do not feel at all that they are public facilities. This is because of the changes that have occurred as a result of deliberate negligence. We do not know when the authorities will move to salvage what can be salvaged from these facilities. As for the square opposite the facilities, it is broken. It is hard to imagine that it was once a beautiful and clean yard. The least that can be done is to repair and clean what can be cleaned. As for the preservation of these facilities in this way, it is a matter that is too incomprehensible to even think that these facilities are in the State of Kuwait. Such a miserable and shameful image cannot remain. All we wish is for those responsible for these facilities to make a move and find solutions for them not only in Firdous, but in all areas and governorates”.

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