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Delay in winter season this year

Kuwait Civil Aviation meteorologist Essa Ramadan

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 9 : Meteorological expert Essa Ramadan says delay in the winter season can be expected this year, reports Al-Shahed daily. During an interview on Al-Shahed TV, he indicated that humidity will reduce in the coming days. Ramadan stressed the significance of planting trees in order to reduce the temperatures, adding that this will increase rainfalls due to the increase in oxygen levels. He said the “Green Belt” represented by planting trees along the Kuwaiti borders will turn Jahra into “Switzerland”.

Ramadan said Kuwait may not witness heavy rains this winter or any time before the year 2027. He warned about an environmental disaster that the world could face in 2080 due to expected increase in the temperatures by five degrees Centigrade, stressing the need to take relevant procedures for minimizing the negative effects of such catastrophe.

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