Defilé della Rinascita fashion show held in Kuwait for a cause

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Event raises funds for Hayatt-Ruqia Breast Cancer Foundation

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: Thirty-five women participated in a fashion show in Kuwait, at the residence of the Italian ambassador, in a fundraising event donated by the Hayyat Foundation- Ruqia Abdel-Wahhab Al-Qatami for breast cancer.

The Defilé della Rinascita® (The New Born Devil), a project conceived by Raptus & Rose and the San Passiano Oncology Society, was hosted for the first time outside of Italy, in the garden of Villa Nassima, the residence of the Italian Ambassador to Kuwait.

Défilé della Rinascita® was born out of a question: “Can Moda Liberata be featured in our project?” It was in 2016 and the one who asked this question was Dr. Elena Pasquin, a psychologist at the San Bassiano Oncology Society in Bassano del Grappa. And who answered the question with a “yes” is Silvia Bisconti, Creative Director and President of Defilé della Rinascita, who in 2013 founded Raptus & Rose, a company whose heartbeat is an experimental project called Moda Liberata, built around a new and radical idea of fashion that is to explore every A woman, every form, every uniqueness through the clothes that are worn to give a new self-awareness.

After copying in Veneto and Milan, this edition of the fashion show Défilé della Rinascita was presented in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Kuwait and the Hayatt – Ruqia Abdul Wahab Al Qatami Breast Cancer Foundation, which, through fundraising activities, finances and pursues the course of treatment for expatriate patients (non-Kuwaiti) ) who live and work in Kuwait. It was the desire of the Italian Ambassador to Kuwait, Carlo Balducci and his wife Cristiana, that prompted them to propose to Raptus & Rose and the San Paciano Association to hold a “Divelier della Rinacchett” fashion show in Kuwait, after showing them in Castello Sforzesco in Milan last May, sensing that this The project can be brought to Kuwait to enhance dialogue and cooperation at all levels between the two countries. Indeed, the Deville project, and what it also represents from a therapeutic and cultural point of view, is part of the process undertaken by the Embassy to deepen the ties between Italy and Kuwait through popular initiatives such as these.

Défilé della Rinascita® is not just a fashion show, it is a care project that expresses beauty, and as Dr. Baskin “It aims to make women undergoing cancer treatment experience trauma – confront the idea of beauty they thought they had lost, with the experience that caring for womanhood is still possible. These extraordinary experiences can lead one to the transformation for the better in dealing with life which is Sometimes far from the concept of quality and luxury, the Défilé della Rinascita ® fashion show becomes a therapeutic experience that begins with a path of flexibility and awareness of what one can be and what one can do.”

The fashion show lasted about half an hour: 30 minutes many stories told, time sharing a whole day until the crucial moment of getting up and walking the catwalk. From that moment on, models, champions of beauty and rebirth, took step by step on the catwalk that symbolizes the time of present life, their heads held high, covered with flowers, dressed in tulle and unique pieces that Raptus & Rose has created for each of them. Among the 35 women, there were also oncologists, nurses, civil society women and women with different missions who presented in Kuwait to be united in their common essence: beauty and love of life.

Opening the fashion show, the Italian Ambassador, Carlo Balducci, emphasized how this initiative is part of the strong growth dynamics of relations between Italy and Kuwait, referring to the concept of the Défilé della Rinascita® fashion show, and concluding with a quote by the poet Pablo Neruda: “It is not enough to be born, we are born to be born again every day.”

This news has been read 10884 times!

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