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Sunday , October 17 2021

Defense personnel not allowed to travel without prior official permission

Some host countries reported ‘problems

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: The Ministry of Defense will strictly implement a decision, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior by linking the data of both ministries, according to which military personnel will not be able to travel without prior official permission, reports Al-Rai daily.

This comes after some countries reported ‘problems’ involving military personnel who had travelled abroad without coordinating with their workplaces.

A high-level source in the Ministry of Defense told Al-Rai that it has been noticed recently that many Ministry employees, including officers and privates traveled abroad without obtaining official permission, and some of them traveled to countries covered by the embargo because of the wars and security conditions there.

The source explained one of the solutions that the ministry is studying is to link the data of the military with the country’s entry and exit ports in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, saying strict and clear instructions have been issued not to allow any military personnel – Kuwaiti, Gulf citizen, non- Kuwaiti, or bedoun – to travel without permission.

The source emphasized that the law in force in Kuwait is similar to the laws in other countries, especially the Gulf, which forbids the travel of a military person without permission from his work unit, but unfortunately there are many military personnel who violate this law and travel continuously and sometimes every weekend, although this exposes the military personnel to military trial, imprisonment in the military prison for Kuwaitis but if the person is not a Kuwaiti, he will be referred for trial and dismissal from work.

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