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Tuesday , September 27 2022

Defect in MOI electronic system

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1: General Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior, in an explanatory statement, revealed about the occurrence of a defect and a slowdown in its electronic system which affected the efficiency of the electronic services provided to the public, reports Aljarida daily.

It explained that the information and communication technology sector reported that these systems comprise several programs designed by technicians working on information systems based on state laws and procedures. What happened was a defect in one of the programs due to the speed of response and sudden pressure from other systems as well as increase in the volume of data and information.

Necessary work was carried out, and the defect was contained as soon as possible under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced information systems specialists. The system resumed operation without delay.

The department affirmed that the information and communication technology sector works diligently to develop and solve glitches in the electronic systems.

It urged the users of social media to verify news from reliable and official sources, and avoid rumormongering.

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