Deepfake Nightmare: High Schools in New Jersey and Washington Hit by Surge in AI-Generated Obscene Images

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NEW JERSEY, Dec 2: A recent surge in AI-generated nude images circulating at high schools in New Jersey and Washington has prompted calls for better protections for victims. The increasing prevalence of explicit AI-generated material, particularly targeting women and children, highlights the need for robust safeguards and federal regulation to provide uniform protections across the country. Affected families and lawmakers are working together to push for solutions, emphasizing the importance of consistent protections and the need to penalize organizations profiting from deepfakes.

Dorota Mani a parent of 14 yr old Westfield High School student victimized by an AI generated deepfake image (AP)

In two separate cases, AI-generated nude images of teenagers were circulated at high schools in New Jersey and Washington. These incidents have brought attention to the growing problem of explicit AI-generated material, which is harming women and children at an unprecedented rate. According to an analysis by independent researcher Genevieve Oh, more than 143,000 new deepfake videos were posted online this year, surpassing every other year combined.

As a response to these cases, affected families are pushing lawmakers to implement robust safeguards for victims whose images are manipulated using new AI models or apps that openly advertise their services. Advocates and some legal experts are calling for federal regulation to provide consistent protections nationwide and send a strong message to current and would-be perpetrators. The mothers of the victims are fighting for their children, seeking love and safety in a world where AI-generated material is becoming increasingly prevalent. (AP)

This news has been read 717 times!

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