Deceptive websites targeting Nol Card users: RTA issues urgent caution

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DUBAI, Jan 11: The Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA) has issued a stern warning to the public, especially users of public transport and Nol cards, regarding fraudulent schemes that involve the sale of counterfeit Nol cards. This alert follows a recent report by Khaleej Times, which exposed deceptive websites imitating the RTA’s platform to scam individuals looking to recharge their smart cards.

In a message posted on X, previously known as Twitter, the RTA emphasized the importance of vigilance and caution when encountering deceptive marketing campaigns exploiting digital service users. The authority expressed particular concern about the sale of fake Nol cards at discounted prices, misleading practices related to topping up credit, and unauthorized collection of customer data.

The RTA urged customers to exercise caution by exclusively using official RTA services such as the website (, ticket offices, vending machines, and RTA Dubai and Nol Pay applications. The authority highlighted the risks associated with dealing with deceptive campaigns and encouraged users to rely on authenticated channels to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities.

Recently, there has been a troubling surge in financial losses reported by individuals who fell prey to counterfeit RTA websites. One such victim, Mohammad Salman, lost Dh1,051 to a fraudulent website while attempting to recharge his Nol card with Dh10. Compounding the issue, deceptive websites dominate the search results for ‘Nol recharge’ on Google, redirecting users to spoofed landing pages that demand sensitive information.

The deceptive practices, especially in the online search results, underscore the urgent need for heightened awareness and caution among users. Cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of using official channels and exercising diligence to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes targeting unsuspecting individuals.

This news has been read 846 times!

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