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Death sentence for 3 Bedouns upheld in murder; Kuwaiti gets 15 yrs for kill

KUWAIT CITY, May 20: The Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the First Instance Court which sentenced three Bedoun youths to death for killing another Bedoun inside a tailoring shop in Sulaibiya.

The decision also included sentencing another person to three years in jail for selling a gun to one of the three Bedouns. In May 2018, the three Bedouns planned to murder the 33-year-old victim when he went out of prison in revenge for their brother who was killed by the victim in 2010. One of the Bedouns (28 years old) carried a Kalashnikov, the other (21 years old) carried a gun and the third (18 years old) accompanied them for support.

The Public Prosecution charged the three Bedouns with premeditated murder. Case files indicate that on May 19, 2018, one of the accused followed the victim and called his brothers to get ready for the departure of the victim from his house heading to a tailoring shop. Upon seeing the victim, two of the Bedouns fired at him several times while the other encouraged them.

Attorney Ayed Al-Rashidi, who represented the victim’s heirs in court, requested for temporary compensation of KD5,001 and urged the higher court to uphold the ruling of the First Instance Court.

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