Daughter’s perspective: James Brown’s impact echoes in the worlds of hip-hop and iconic artists

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Yamma Brown, Adrienne Rodriguez, James Brown, and Deanna Brown Thomas.

LOS ANGELES, Feb 20, (Agencies): Even though James Brown is renowned as the “Godfather of Soul,” his impact as a father continues to resonate, ensuring his legacy endures. In an exclusive interview preceding the release of A&E’s four-part docuseries, “James Brown: Say It Loud,” two of his daughters, Deanna Brown and Dr Yamma Brown, emphasize their father’s profound influence on the music industry.

Deanna, 55, highlights James Brown’s role as a trailblazer, asserting that contemporary music, including hip-hop and rap, owes much to him as the most-sampled artist. She emphasizes that iconic figures like Michael Jackson, Usher, and Chris Brown drew inspiration from her father, stating that the trajectory of music would be vastly different without James Brown.

Yamma, 52, echoes the sentiment, citing LL Cool J’s remarks in the documentary about the unimaginable impact James Brown had on the music landscape. Referring to the rapper’s statement, she emphasizes the significant influence her father wielded, speculating how different the music industry would be without his groundbreaking contributions.

Yamma expresses gratitude for her father’s role in shaping music genres, particularly highlighting his creation of funk and his lasting impact on hip-hop. Despite James Brown’s passing on Christmas Day in 2006 at the age of 73, his daughters continue to honor and celebrate his legacy, recognizing his pivotal role in shaping the musical landscape we know today.

This news has been read 403 times!

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