Cut in stipends for above 60s Kuwaitis working in private sector

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 12: The total number of citizens working in the private sector who are above sixty years is 2,450, of whom 1,220 are above 65 years. Informed sources told the Al-Qabas daily that the value of the labor support that is disbursed to them if they are all entitled to it is 1.9 million dinars per month, approximately 23.3 million dinars annually, which constitutes 3.7 percent of the total support disbursed to Kuwaitis working in the private sector.

The sources pointed out that the proposal to stop the payment of those who reached the age of 60, contradicts Decree Law No. 15/1979 regarding the civil service, whereby citizens working in the government sector are allowed to continue working until they reach the retirement age, which is 65 years, and receive all special financial allowances. In addition, Law No. 19/2000 regarding support for national labor did not specify an upper age ceiling in the private sector in order to encourage this category of people to work in this sector.

With regard to citizens over 65 years of age in the private sector, the sources stated that the Audit Bureau had previously asked the authority to stop spending on them and set a higher ceiling for those who receive monthly employment support, indicating that the 135 citizens who are over 65 years old get 624,000 dinars per month.

The sources confirmed a big percentage of Kuwaitis who are in their sixties work in the private sector or own business, and they are registered with the Public Authority for Social Security and receive pension, and therefore do not meet the conditions for employment support, and they do not receive it. The sources stated that those above ‘60’ who are not eligible for support, are registered on Chapter Five, are satisfied with the monthly income from their work, or through the salaries paid to them by the private sector.

This news has been read 46164 times!

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