Thursday , September 28 2023

Customs Department Issues Warning Against Bringing ‘Night Calm’ Pills Without Prescription

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KUWAIT CITY, March 29: The General Administration of Customs cautions against possessing or importing this drug, except in legally authorized cases according to a medical prescription for psychotropic substances.

The drug “Night Calm,” which is a brand name for the substance “Zopiclone,” it has been included in Table No. (4) of the Anti-Psychotropic Substances Law No. (48) of 1987. Pursuant to Minister of Health decision No. (376) of 2022, dated 6/12/2022, which was published in Kuwait’s Official Gazette (Kuwait Al-Youm) Issue No. (1613) dated 12/11/2022, the General Administration of Customs has confirmed that possession of this drug or importing it into the country without a prescription is prohibited.