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‘Curfew is not the best solution to end Covid’

KUWAIT CITY, March 8: An intensive public awareness campaign on coronavirus is necessary to inform the people about the factors leading to the increase in the number of new corona cases, reports Al-Anba daily quoting reliable sources. Sources said curfew and lockdown are not the best solutions to the corona crisis, particularly in reducing the number of cases; taking into consideration the negative repercussions on the economic, social and psychological aspects of life.

Sources argued that several establishments have been closed for more than three weeks, yet the infection rate continues to increase. Sources asked: Where are the plans to conduct intensive awareness campaigns on the repercussions of the pandemic? Why no television channel has been designated for broadcasting round the clock regarding the epidemic to inform citizens and expatriates about the mutated virus, especially after a new strain of the virus reached the country?

If the curfew leads to a decrease in infections, will it continue to guarantee such decline? What will be the situation if the infection rate continues to increase despite the curfew? Will the curfew continue?

Sources pointed out that the partial curfew decision, which remains in effect until April 8, might be extended as it has been reported that this decision will be reviewed after assessing the health situation. Sources went on to say that in most countries around the world, the number of corona cases decreased after the cancellation of the lockdown decision; except some countries including Kuwait. Sources disclosed the number of cases decreased globally from an average of 800,000 to 450,000 per day; but in Kuwait, a remarkable increase in the number of cases was officially recorded after the closure of some commercial establishments, sources added.

In response to a question about excluding those who received two doses of the vaccine from the curfew, sources said they are not exempted as the curfew is aimed at protecting everyone including those who completed the required dosage of vaccine. Sources explained the vaccine does not protect individuals from being infected with the virus, but it reduces symptoms by forming antibodies that strengthen the immune system; thereby, reducing deaths. In addition, other sources revealed that parks are open only for pedestrians outside the curfew hours and the ban on sitting in public areas remains in effect.

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