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Thursday , October 28 2021

CSC queried if some govt bodies exempted from manual fingerprint system

Problems faced in entering e-data

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 11: Did Civil Service Commission (CSC) exclude some government agencies from manually applying the fingerprint attendance system on its employees for 2019 and repeated the experience of the previous year or insisted on its decision to enter data automatically, reports Al-Rai daily.

This question was raised after the Ministry of Electricity and Water asked CSC to enter the fifth batch for performance evaluation, so it could calculate the socalled ‘delay’ periods and enter them manually.

The ministry’s request came due to the difficulty it faced in entering employee data into the integrated systems and inconsistencies in the automated data and actual movement of employees.

Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 15/2017 stipulates linking the fifth batch of government sector employees being evaluated to the fingerprint system and to include the calculation of what it calls ‘delay periods’ and the number of interrupted working days during the evaluation year.

An informed CSC source told the daily that the ministry’s request will be discussed since similar requests are expected from other government agencies. The source pointed out that Cabinet exclusively allowed government agencies last year to manually enter the attendance record of employees, taking into account the recent decision, although it earlier called on government agencies to take necessary measures to implement the decision of entering data automatically to link it with excellent performance bonus and administrative punishment for non-compliant staff.

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