CSC enhances job opportunities with new engineering and media titles

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Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission introduces new engineering and media titles to enhance the national workforce.

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) underscored its commitment to bolstering job opportunities for national cadres, aiming to maximize human resource utilization and serve the nation effectively.

During a workshop titled “The New Mechanism for Civil Service Commission Nominations for Engineering Titles,” Badour Al-Anzi, Director of the Service Development and Work Methods Department and Director of the Human Resources Development Center at the Bureau, announced the introduction of new engineering titles. These include Project Engineer, Safety Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Contracts Engineer, and Industrial Engineer, alongside media titles such as Editor.

Al-Anzi emphasized that these updates reflect recent administrative advancements and align with evolving job requirements in engineering and media fields. Collaborating with Kuwait University, the Commission has modernized job titles to enhance professional standards across sectors, aiming to boost operational efficiency and elevate service quality.

The workshop clarified job roles, duties, and their interrelations to optimize workforce efficiency and ensure optimal utilization of national human resources. Al-Anzi highlighted the Commission’s commitment to continuously developing job descriptions for engineering specialties, aligning them with contemporary standards and endorsed by the Civil Service Commission to enhance governmental operational capacities.

Strategic plans are meticulously tailored to meet state needs, with a focus on advancing government performance through rigorous needs assessments across entities. This approach ensures the deployment of skilled professionals capable of meeting high-performance demands, positioning the nation to effectively tackle future challenges.

Mohammad Al-Ahmad, Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Development Affairs at the Civil Service Commission, stated that the workshop aimed to update job descriptions for engineering and media roles, clarify tasks, and enhance workforce cohesion to optimize national human resource potential. The new job titles, developed in collaboration with Kuwait University, expand employment opportunities and ensure equitable and just employment practices across government agencies.

Dr. Khaled Al-Hazaa, Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University, highlighted the necessity for new job titles in response to the growing number of engineering and media graduates. He emphasized Kuwait University’s role in preparing qualified professionals to meet national workforce demands, aligning educational outputs with market needs to benefit the country’s development goals.

The workshop demonstrated the pivotal role of these specialized roles in Kuwait’s national development agenda, fostering collaboration between educational institutions and government bodies to ensure a robust workforce aligned with evolving industry requirements.

This news has been read 635 times!

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