Crowd of chaos … absence of control at Friday market

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Conditions at Friday Market need to be regularized

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: The Friday Market is a good idea and a privileged place to meet the needs of low income people, as well as satisfy the desires of the lovers of ‘antiques’ and old appliances and utensils, but these efforts are all lost in the crowd of chaos and the absence of control, which makes it an arena for commercial fraud and selling illusion to customers.

View of the Friday Market

It is easy to practice commercial fraud because almost all sellers deliberately obscure the stalls so that the buyers cannot identify them if they find defects in the goods purchased and want to return them. Add to this the similarity of the stalls and the passage ways, absence of any indication signs and people who frequent the market can only ‘find their way out’.

Many market officials have called for the need to put numbers on the stalls to make it easy for identification as is the case in other commercial markets because this will save a lot of time and effort in trying to look for the desired shed. Moreover, such regulations will reduce congestion and save time, if not people will continue to roam the market, aimlessly looking for the particular shop.

A Kuwaiti, who identified himself as Al-Issa says he prefers to buy some new items from the Friday Market, especially carpets and rugs, since at the market the prices are lower than the showrooms at least by 30. Another visitor, who identified himself as Al-Hassawi says, the Friday Market needs to be organized in terms of identification signs to make it easy for customers to buy what they need instead of roaming the whole market since the market is spread over 3 kilometers.

Another visitor says he buys all men’s and women’s clothes at the Friday market because they cost half the price than what it costs at the showrooms. Another visitor, identified as A.H., said it is not easy to return something you bought at the Friday Market because it will take the entire day to find the place where you bought something because there are no identification signs for the shops.

On the other hand, a citizen wants the authorities to build more than one mosque inside the Friday market, because the only mosque is in a bad state in terms of congestion during Friday prayers in particular.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

This news has been read 78335 times!

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