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Saturday , October 23 2021

Critical meetings to solve the Filipino employment crisis next week

Philippine Labor Minister, Sylvester Bello

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: In the midst of diplomatic dispute between Kuwait and Philippines still in limbo due to murder of the Filipino maid Jeanelyn Villavende, the Philippine Labor Minister, Sylvester Bello, announced that he had received an official invitation to visit Kuwait on the second and third of February to discuss ways to accelerate the solution to this issue and about the contracts for Filipinos working in Kuwait, indicating that he will meet during his visit with a number of ministers and perhaps the prime minister as well reports Al Rai.

It is expected that the first meeting of the Kuwaiti-Philippine Joint Committee will be held on the second and third of February.
Minister Belo told the Philippine Senate, during a hearing yesterday morning, that the Kuwaiti public prosecutor ordered the imprisonment of the Kuwaiti citizen and his wife, accused of killing their domestic worker, Jeanelyn Villavende, for 21 days in the central prison, and referred them to the criminal court on charges of premeditated murder that amounts to the death penalty.

“I have set two conditions to lift the ban on sending our workers (to Kuwait),” Filo was quoted by Philippine media as saying during the hearing. The first of them is the administration of justice (for the murdered Jeanelyn Villavende), and the second is that they agree to a standard contract of employment that includes certain provisions that the President Duterte wishes to include.

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