Tuesday , October 3 2023

‘Creating more jobs priority’; Support pledged for women, citizens’ rights

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KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Second Constituency candidate Abdulwahab Al-Essa considers employment the most urgent issue, pointing out he is aware that no government on the planet could provide public sector jobs to all citizens. Nevertheless, he inquired about the facilities that the government provided to the private sector in the last 10 years to encourage it to hire more nationals.

He said the rest of the world support small businesses, since majority of giant businesses started as small enterprises established in houses or small rooms. He added only 70,000 Kuwaitis are working in the private sector; hence, the need to remarkably increase this number.

Former MP and Fourth Constituency candidate Obaid Al-Wasmi recently organized a meeting with female voters; during which he promised to continue protecting the rights of citizens, including women. He disclosed that within his family, there are two female engineers, two female teachers and two female retirees; indicating all issues concerning women are discussed at meal times. He revealed that since his first parliamentary stint in 2012, he has always believed that the most important factor in political reform is for the government to present its work program immediately after its formation as stated in the Constitution; in addition to its commitment to implement the program.

He added that a prime minister must specify the goals of his government within the four-year term, as well as the budget for achieving these goals; so the lawmakers can efficiently monitor the performance of the government. He wondered how can a lawmaker monitor a prime minister who has no vision. He clarified that the absence of a program or plan will subject the government and prime minister to blackmailing – to cater to the personal requests of MP, or be grilled.

Former MP and First Constituency candidate Osama Al-Shaheen held an electoral campaign in Bayan, expressing his gratitude to the citizens who have been supporting him since the beginning of his parliamentary career in 2012 until the election in 2022. He stressed the need to combat bribery and corruption since they are the biggest obstacles to achievements. He said the executive and legislative authorities should not use the lobbying of infl uential traders and the corrupt as an excuse for failure to address the legitimate demands of citizens.

He emphasized the importance of amending the Constitutional Court Law, which created heresy when it decided to nullify the legislature not just once but thrice. He argued this is not part of the authorities granted to the Constitutional Court as per the Constitution and it is not stipulated in the law on its establishment that was ratified in 1973. He added that 70 laws, 73 final accounts, 41 budgets and six bills were ratified within the short term of the 2022 Parliament, which lasted for 152 days. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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