Tuesday , October 3 2023

Cracking Down on Drug Trafficking: Four Arrested

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KUWAIT CITY, June 3: Continuing their relentless fight against drug trafficking, law enforcement officers are delivering significant blows to criminal drug dealers, ensuring the safety of the community.

In two separate operations, the General Department for Drug Control, a part of the Criminal Security Sector, successfully apprehended four individuals found in possession of approximately 13 kilograms of various narcotics and 3,000 tablets of Captagon. These achievements highlight the Ministry of Interior’s unwavering commitment, under the guidance of its senior leadership, to intensify security measures, apprehend offenders, and combat the evolving methods employed by drug traffickers.

Upon facing the evidence of their illicit possessions, the defendants confessed to owning the seized items with the intent to traffic and abuse them. Consequently, both the individuals and the confiscated substances were promptly handed over to the appropriate authorities to initiate the necessary legal proceedings against them. This proactive approach aims to safeguard society by targeting the sources and perpetrators of drug-related activities.

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