COVID Mutant Concerns Downplayed as Vaccination Campaign Looms After Mid-September

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: While the Ministry of Health announced last Tuesday the monitoring of the EG.5 mutant of the Covid-19 virus, health sources confirmed to “Al- Rai” that “hospital admissions are at their normal rate, and there has been no increase so far, as the evaluation indicators of the health situation are stable,” reports Al-Rai daily. With regard to monitoring the first infections with the new mutant, “BA 2.86”, in a number of countries of the world, the sources stated that “the effect of this mutation is being monitored globally due to the presence of a large number of spike proteins on the surface of this mutant,” noting that the new mutant, even if it causes the worst case scenario is a rise in infection, but the degree of disease severity will be mild due to the immunity that most people have acquired through vaccinations or through infections.

Speaking of the possibility of the impact of these changes in the coming days on the new scholastic year and the possibility of postponing the start of the reopening of the schools, the sources ruled out this scenario, explaining that the academic year will start according to the dates set by the concerned authorities. The sources stated that the ministry continues to prepare to launch a winter vaccination campaign, which includes seasonal influenza vaccinations and vaccination against acute bacterial pneumonia (nemococcal), indicating that vaccinations are expected to start in the third week of next September.

On the possibility of the spread of the new variant in the country, the sources revealed that “from previous cumulative experiences, monitoring such variants, whether in Kuwait or in other countries of the world is possible, especially since we are in the season of travel,” noting that the emergence of such variants is normal.

Not to worry, especially since it is one of the basic features of viruses. The sources renewed the call to follow the precautionary measures when any symptoms of respiratory infection appear, by avoiding contact with others and ensuring that seasonal vaccinations are completed

This news has been read 8439 times!

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