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‘COVID’ cancelled – Free to ourselves

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KUWAIT CITY, April 27, (Agencies): The Cabinet held an extraordinary meeting this afternoon, Wednesday, reports Al- Rai daily. After the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris stated that in light of the continued improvement of all indicators of the epidemiological situation in Kuwait, and the high levels of immunization that provide community immunity, the Council of Ministers, during its meeting Wednesday, was informed of the decision of the Minister of Health, which included the following:

1. That wearing a mask is optional inside all open and closed places, and the obligation to wear a mask for those who have symptoms.

2. Allow individuals to enter all closed public places regardless of the status of immunization and without a PCR examination.

3. Abolishing the PCR examination for the unvaccinated, as a condition of being present in educational institutions and workplaces.

4. With regard to the quarantine of contacts of positive cases:

■ Cancellation of the quarantine period prescribed for individuals who have been in contact with infected cases, regardless of the immunization status.

■ Commitment of individuals in contact to wear a mask for a period of 14 days from the date of the last contact.

■ Conducting a PCR examination if symptoms appear within 14 days from the date of contact.

5. Requiring infected individuals to isolate home for a period of five (5) days from the date of infection, with a commitment to wear a mask for a period of 5 days following.

6. Abolishing the requirement of immunization and PCR examination for all those coming from abroad, regardless of the immunization status.

7. Allow sports fans to return to the stadiums completely for those who are not vaccinated. 8. Limiting the use of the “Shlonik” application to follow up only positive cases. 9. Urging worshipers to apply health requirements inside mosques and chapels, such as bringing a prayer rug, wearing a mask, etc., and being careful to avoid going to the mosque for those who have contagious respiratory symptoms.

The Council of Ministers decided to cancel all previously issued decisions of the Council of Ministers related to this matter, and assign the concerned authorities to implement what was stated in the decision, as of Sunday, 1/5/2022. The Council also decided to cancel the formation of the main committee to follow up the implementation of health requirements related to combating the spread of the coronavirus issued by Cabinet Resolution No. 800 issued on June 25, 2020.

In this regard, the Council of Ministers expressed its deep thanks and appreciation to all spectrums of society, praising their understanding, awareness, and positive dedication shown by citizens and residents in adhering to the implementation of health requirements and preventive measures issued by health authorities, bearing social responsibility and working as a team, which contributed greatly to the success of the plan to return to normal life.

The Council of Ministers also paid tribute and appreciation to all those who stood in the front lines of the authorities, individuals, teams and volunteers, led by workers in the Ministry of Health, doctors, the assistant medical staff and support cadres for their mighty and sincere efforts in dealing with this exceptional health crisis that the country and the whole world went through and limiting the effects of this epidemic and its damages and victory over it thanks to God Almighty.

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