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Tuesday , September 21 2021

COVID-19 robs children’s most precious moments of their lives

‘Children of age group of one to 15 years most affected’

KUWAIT CITY, July 18: For two years, children have been bound to their homes in fear of the spread of the COVID-19. This was exacerbated by the closure of local activities and the airport, reports Al-Rai daily. Nearly a million children were robbed of the most precious moments of life by the pandemic, which threw them into the lobbies of homes, away from the breathing space of playgrounds, parks, nurseries or places of entertainment. Children of different age groups were confined and experienced changes in lifestyle. According to official figures from the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), children of the age group of one year to 15 years are most affected by the closure of activities. There are about 930,600 children in this category.

The number of children who are less than one year old is 346,016, between six and ten years is 307,354, and between 11 and 15 years is 277,230. According to psychological experts, the last several months opened the door to psychological effects that may not appear soon but will definitely manifest in the long term. Perhaps parents will find themselves motivated by the pressure of this pandemic to immunize their children against mental illnesses, just as much as they need to immunize them against the virus that kept them at home.

The researchers will say after a while that this generation of children was destined to be a generation that were kept away from playgrounds for fear of the viral incursion and the consequences of its cruel and merciless symptoms on both children and the elderly in light of the scarcity of domestic workers and the association of a large segment of parents who returned to work in full capacity in many government agencies.

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