Court sentences 4 Egyptians to 7 years and fine in ‘consumer protection hacker’ case

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Four Egyptians were convicted for database exploitation and fraud in a landmark consumer protection verdict.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: In a significant legal development, the Criminal Court presided over by Counselor Ahmed Al-Sadi, has issued a verdict to imprison four Egyptians for seven years. This ruling, accompanied by penal servitude, is coupled with a fine of 4,200 dinars and an order for deportation. The case in question, termed the “Consumer Protection Hacker” case, revolves around serious allegations.

The defendants faced charges related to hacking into the consumer protection database, where they allegedly exploited the system to pilfer funds from male and female citizens, as well as expatriates. Their modus operandi reportedly involved sending deceptive messages through WhatsApp, masquerading as representatives from the “consumer protection” entity.

This decision by the Criminal Court underscores the gravity of cybercrimes and the intentional misuse of sensitive databases for fraudulent activities. The legal proceedings shed light on the increasing need for stringent measures to curb such malicious activities and protect the rights and financial interests of the public. As the defendants face imprisonment, the court’s judgment serves as a deterrent against cybercrimes and emphasizes the commitment to upholding consumer protection standards in the digital age.

This news has been read 1196 times!

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