Court Delays Hearing For Teacher Accused Of Molesting 6 Children

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26: The Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Muhammad Al-Sanea, has decided to postpone the case of the Islamic education teacher who is accused of molesting 6 children in the Khaitan and Farwaniya, reports Al-Rai Daily. During the hearing, the suspect told the court, “I have been an Islamic education teacher for 15 years, and no one has ever complained against me. They said I took the boy behind the grocery store and violated his honor.

Behind the grocery store, there is a factory full of CCTV cameras, and it is adjacent to the grocery store. So, how one can take the boy behind the grocery store?” There is no such thing as behind the grocery store, behind it is a factory, and every corner of the factory is covered by the CCTV camera. I will defend myself on the Day of Resurrection, the investigation officer forced me to confess under duress.”

He added, “All the cases against me are fabricated, and the witness says he shouted at me. I was taking the boy next to the grocery store and he said, “Where are you taking this boy?” By coincidence, I was next to the boy, and there was a distance between me and him, and my presence there was just a coincidence. “Your Honor, all the prisoners praise you and say that you are a fair judge and there is no injustice in your judicial rulings, and I “I have my wife and children at home alone, and I hope that you will release me.” The Criminal Court had previously confronted the accused in his second case, and asked him the following questions:

• The court: You were accused on June 6, 2022, of kidnapping the child (…..) and indecent assault.
■ The accused: It is not true that they say that I kidnapped him from the grocery store. There are cameras in the vicinity of the grocery store. I hope you can see the footage of the cameras in the grocery store.

• Court: You are detained pending other cases.
■ The accused: No.

• Court: You say you have no other cases.
■ The accused: There are none.

• Court: The prosecution’s statement confirms that there are other cases against you.
■ The accused: Another case in which I was sentenced to 4 months.

• Court: What is the case?
■ The accused: Kidnapping and indecent assault.

• Court: How can you be charged with a case of kidnapping and indecent assault and receive a 4-month sentence?
■ The accused: A death sentence has been issued against me!

• Court: How come from 4 months to the death penalty? You are accused in other cases as well.
■ The accused: I don’t remember.

• Court: From which court was the death sentence issued against you?
■ The accused: Court of First Instance.

It is noteworthy that the Criminal Court had earlier sentenced the man to death by hanging in the first of 50 cases in which he was accused of kidnapping and molesting children. The abused children had previously identified the accused in a queue before the police and the Public Prosecution, where they recognized him from a number of people.

This news has been read 2691 times!

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