Couple not married – dependent visa for child

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Greetings to you. I want to ask you regarding my daughter. I want to transfer her visit visa to dependent visa but me and my wife are not yet married. Please help me to have an idea what I can do. .

Name withheld

Answer: For some time now, Kuwait has stopped converting visit visa to family visa except for infants two years and below.

On this score unless your daughter falls within the permissible age range, we are sorry to say that you cannot convert her visit visa to a dependent visa.

Please note that in applying for a dependent visa, one of the documents required is an attested married certificate but as you indicated, you are not married to your daughter’s mother.

This means that you can not meet this very important requirement to be granted a dependent visa. We must also point out that Kuwaiti law does not permit making a family outside marriage and if this happens inside Kuwait the parties involved will face the rigours of the law.

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This news has been read 8026 times!

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