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Countries most affected by terrorism – Kuwait ranks 75th

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Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan topped the first 5 places

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: Kuwait advanced 11 places in the index of countries most affected by terrorism in 2019, ranking 75th this year compared to 64th position in 2018, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The country came fourth in the Gulf after Oman, which ranks among the safest countries in the world in 161st position. Qatar is 133rd and the Emirates 130th, and with Bahrain in 61st position, while Saudi Arabia took 30th place.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan topped the first 5 places on the index, while it considered countries such as Belarus, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, North Korea, and Singapore to be the least affected by terrorism.

Global Terrorism Index issued by the Institute of Economy and Peace in its seventh edition for this year ranks 163 countries according to their impact on terrorist incidents based on four measures – the total number of terrorist incidents, deaths resulting from terrorist incidents, the total number of people wounded through incidents of terrorism, and the damage to public and private property as a result of terrorist acts.

The institute noted that Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq and Lebanon recorded the best improvements in the Middle East region. It mentioned that Kuwait has not recorded any terrorist attack in the past two, and attacks in Lebanon have declined continuously since they reached the peak in 2014 but no terrorist attack was recorded with ISIS in 2018. Bahrain recorded one terrorist attack in the previous year, a decrease of 18 attacks in 2017.

Egypt also witnessed a significant decline in terrorist attacks from 169 attacks in 2017 to 45 attacks last year as a result of fighting terrorism in the Sinai region, considered the terrorist strongholds of ISIS. On the other hand, Morocco and Iran were the only countries in the Middle East and North Africa that deteriorated in 2018.

The Institute said: The Middle East and North Africa region registered a significant improvement for the third year in a row, with massive improvement of security conditions in 17 countries across the region.

The index categorized countries into six groups according to their impact on terrorist operations: Very high impact (such as Iraq and Syria). High impact (e.g. Egypt, Libya, and Yemen). Medium affected (e.g. Lebanon, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia). Low impact: (e.g. Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Kuwait, and Tunisia). Very low impact (e.g. UAE, Qatar, and Morocco). No effect (like Oman).

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