Council seeks new way to ‘appoint’ judges without P. Prosecution input – Output of PP cannot meet demands of courts: Al-Metawa’a

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: Chairperson of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Constitutional Court and Court of Cassation Yusuf Al-Metawa’a has stressed the need to search for a new way to appoint judges without going through the Public Prosecution, reports Al-Jarida daily.

He explained the output of the Public Prosecution cannot meet the demands of courts because the public prosecutors are promoted individually instead of collectively.

He disclosed the council thought of appointing Faculty of Law graduates to the courts after passing the training course at Kuwait Institute for Judiciary Studies.

He said those who accepted at the Public Prosecution usually attend one-year training course at the institute and they have to stay for at least five years in the Public Prosecution before they are allowed to join the First Instance Court.

He added that appointing judges directly to the court after passing the training course and without joining the Public Prosecution requires legislative revision of the salaries decree and the matching job degrees or adding the fourth degree judge position.

He pointed out that the suggestion to appoint Faculty of Law graduates to the court after passing the training course includes requiring them to serve as assistant judges for five years to help judges write sentences but the verdicts are not issued under their names.


After five years, the assistant judge is appointed as third degree judge and this requires legislative revision by adding a new job title ‘assistant judge’ that matches public prosecutor C, he added.

He went on to reveal another suggestion, the appointment of a fourth degree judge which also requires legislative revision by adding this job title as it is not mentioned in the current law.

He clarified the council’s objective is to Kuwaitize the judiciary by increasing the number of qualified Kuwaiti judges.

He said the council recommended reducing the period required for members of the Public Prosecution to be promoted from five years to four years in order to facilitate their transfer to the courts.

He asserted the council is keen on ensuring that the public prosecutors get the necessary training and qualifications.

This news has been read 7297 times!

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