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Monday , September 20 2021

‘Corruption reports on rise’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: In what is seen as the first time in the history of Kuwait, spokesman for the Public Authority for Anti-Corruption ‘Nazaha’, deputy secretary- general speaking on the issue of corruption and investigation Dr Mohammad Bu Zubair, said the final ruling on corruption reports have been submitted and the verdict is being implemented and the process of the money being refunded is in process, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources.

In his press statement to the daily, Bu Zubair said that the corruption reports have risen by 50 percent after the Prime Minister stressed that all corruption reports must be submitted to Nazaha for investigation.

He went to say 250 reports on corruption have been received by the Authority since its establishment in 2016. He noted 33 of them have been referred to the Public Prosecution and six to the relevant court. He pointed out the Ministers Court is reviewing a report that was submitted to it by Nazaha saying there has been a remarkable progress in this area to change the concept of anti-corruption in terms of the reports and financial disclosures as well as the national strategy that allows the government entities to take part in combating corruption.

He asserted the content of the reports must include concrete information saying the dignity of the people and their rights are the ‘red line’. He said he hopes the New Year will relatively improve the anti-corruption index in Kuwait.

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