Cooler Schools: How The Ministry Of Education Resolved AC Dilemma

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: The Ministry of Education has successfully resolved the air conditioning predicament within its schools and educational establishments. This was made possible by the signing of 14 maintenance contracts, worth 7.3 million dinars, each spanning the duration of 3 years.

These contracts are evenly distributed, with two assigned to each educational district, mirroring a similar allocation for the ministry’s central office.

Within these air conditioning contracts, the Educational Facilities and Planning Sector introduced provisions mandating that the contracted companies must “replace 30 percent of the existing air conditioning units with new units with identical specifications and technical standards of the highest quality. This replacement should be executed within a maximum timeframe of 3 months from the project’s commencement,” reports Al-Rai daily.

In accordance with the specifications document, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, non-compliance with these requirements results in the Ministry’s prerogative to initiate the replacement of the units at the contractor’s expense, accompanied by a 15 percent administrative charge.

Furthermore, the Ministry is not obliged to provide a warning, and it retains the authority to impose fines and deduct any losses or damages resulting from delays in fulfilling these requests from the contractor’s remuneration for services provided to the Ministry or other government entities, without necessitating legal proceedings.

The document clearly outlines the time frame for executing work orders: 6 hours in any given area, and 12 hours in cases necessitating the replacement of the air conditioning units’ compressors. If the repair duration exceeds these limits, the contracting company is required to disassemble the unit and transport it to their workshops.

Simultaneously, they must install a replacement unit with identical thermal capacity in the same location, ensuring it is in proper working condition without incurring additional costs.

In instances where the company fails to adhere to the prescribed repair timetable, the Ministry reserves the right to undertake the repair and maintenance using its in-house technical staff. The expenses for this intervention, as well as administrative charges equivalent to 10 percent of the repair and maintenance value, will be deducted from the contractor’s account.

Moreover, a reliable educational source affirmed that the Ministry’s stringent stipulations, including the critical provision of replacing 30 percent of air conditioning units in each educational district, will effectively put an end to the air conditioning predicament in schools.

This news has been read 953 times!

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