Convicted fugitive continues to operate his ‘Mukhtoor’ account from the UK – sources

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 25: The real ‘Mukhtoor’ account on Twitter is for convicted Kuwait fugitive Hamad Al-Haroun who has been continuing in Britain – where he has been residing since his escape – his work in mixing papers, spreading rumors and instigating sedition; thereby, supplementing what he and others did before their exposure, trial and escape, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources.

According to a statement formally received by judicial authorities in the Ministry of Interior, the ‘Mukhtoor … Voice of Kuwait’ account on Twitter is linked to an Instagram account broadcasting through an English telephone line being used by Al-Haroun.

Broadcasts are made specifically from the city of Leeds, which appears to be where the fugitive is living at the moment. Tweets are posted regularly on ‘Mukhtoor … Voice of Kuwait’ account while great care is taken in attaching news to a link that redirects the follower to the Instagram in a bid to promote the account; thus, increasing its impact on those who receive fabricated, manipulated and some real news.

This is connected to the ‘re-tweet system’ which reposts what other accounts have posted – some are real and some are posted in a way that achieves the goals of the account owner and his associates. It has been observed that the account is keen on insulting the Amir and shaking confidence in sensitive institutions, most notably the Amiri Diwan; in addition to insulting political, legal, judicial and security figures, sowing discord, spreading fabricated news and mixing them in a way that confuses the recipients; hence, achieving the objectives of the account.

Sources pointed out that revealing the identity of the owner of the account opens the door for all those harmed or abused by this account to pursue him through the judicial authorities.

This news has been read 44711 times!

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