Concerns raised for ’24, ’25 & ’26

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Coordination urged to avoid power crisis

KUWAIT CITY, March 2: The authorities concerned ensuring electrical crisis do not occur during the summer seasons of the next three years say new electrical projects must be implemented during the aforementioned years, since at the moment two projects of the Subbiya station are expected to produce 1150 megawatts, despite the increase in urban expansion, reports Al-Rai daily. The sources told the daily “the potential crisis that will occur during the summer seasons of 2024, 2025 and 2026 can be avoided if there is real coordination between the ministry and the oversight authorities, represented by the Central Agency for Public Tenders and the Audit Bureau, in the way of accelerating the pace of procedures for issuing and awarding maintenance contracts for power units” in the existing stations, without delay or slowdown, as is currently happening with the ministry’s tenders.

The sources explained that “crossing the crisis, according to the current production, which slightly exceeds the barrier of 18 thousand megawatts, according to officials of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, depends on the completion of maintenance operations for production units and putting them all into service, especially during peak hours in the summer seasons.” The ministry’s repair and maintenance of out-of-service units that need spare parts, or international manufacturers to repair them, could exacerbate the crisis if urgent solutions are not found. The sources stressed that “overcoming the crisis and crossing it with the least losses will depend in the first place on accelerating the pace of procedures for issuing maintenance contracts and spare parts for production units in power stations, and maintaining and repairing units that have been out of service for years.”

Two reasons for the crisis include the Ministry’s delay in implementing its projects, whether proposed through it or through the Partnership Projects Authority; cancellation and re-introduction of some major electricity production projects during the past years. The following are four solutions to avoid power crisis – accelerating the process of issuing and awarding contracts and maintaining power station units and spare parts; the Supreme Committee has expedited the procedures for offering and awarding the Al-Zour North and Al- Khairan power plants projects; work on maintaining and repairing out-of-service units before the summer season and activate rationalization campaigns during peak times. On August 9, 2022, the electrical load index recorded the highest consumption rate in Kuwait, with 16,180 megawatts, and at that time the indicator approached the danger level, as there was little operating reserve left, so what will the ministry do in light of the expectations of increasing loads and exceeding the maximum load that was recorded last summer? According to the ministry officials, the installed capacity of the electrical production units is slightly more than 18,000 megawatts, but how much is the actual available capacity for those units is the question.

This news has been read 13545 times!

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