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Concerns raised about one-passenger-per-taxi condition

KUWAIT CITY, July 27: With the start of the third stage in the plan for return to normal life, thousands of taxis have reappeared on the streets following the suspension of their activities for about five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the owners of taxi companies and drivers have expressed great dissatisfaction concerning the health restrictions that the government has set. This includes the condition that a taxi is allowed to carry only one passenger; otherwise the driver of that taxi will be issued with a citation.

The owners of taxi companies and drivers insisted that such a decision is irrational and meaningless, and will cause them to incur huge losses, highlighting the injustice shown to them in light of the existence of significant financial obligations on them.

They affirmed their commitment to health requirements and procedures such as wearing face masks and gloves, and isolating the taxi driver from passengers by means of a plastic barrier.

They wondered how this one-passenger-only condition can be implemented in cases where a man uses the taxi with his family or if a person is with his friends or relatives, asking, “Will each one of them ride separate taxis?”

Through the daily, the members of the Taxi Association expressed their concerns on the eve of the day for the resumption of their work, stressing that they hope the decision to allow only one passenger in a taxi will be amended. They also highlighted their concern about facing the owners of private cars who work illegally, reports Al-Rai daily.

A number of taxi company owners have affirmed their willingness to cooperate with the Traffic Investigation Department in guiding them to the parking locations of illegal taxi operators.

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