Concern in Kuwait as 12 High Schoolers Under Investigation for ISIS Links

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KUWAIT CITY, April 8: The Public Prosecution has referred 12 secondary schools minors to the State Security, after it was found that they had joined the terrorist organization ISIS and incited others to join it and adopt its ideas, reports Al-Qabas daily. The source explained that some of these events were discovered through investigations with members of terrorist cells who were recently arrested, while others were discovered through individual cases, after they were monitored by the Ministry of Interior as being involved in belonging to the terrorist group, and were subjected to intensive investigations and charged with committing crimes against the state security. The source confirmed that investigations proved that these juveniles announced, through clips and blog posts on social media, their support for the terrorist group ISIS, and incited their peers to affiliate with this ideology. The source pointed out that some of those accused in terrorist cells who are currently on trial were found to be communicating with juveniles to deceive them, and inciting them with messages via social networking sites with phrases such as ‘The beautiful ‘houris’ are waiting for you… Leave the social networking sites and hurry to heaven’.

The source indicated that those accused in the terrorist cells sought to recruit students and juveniles to believe in their terrorist ideas and assist them in their criminal plans to harm the state. The source concluded that many of the juvenile students refused to submit to the terrorist cells and quickly informed their families about them and the parents informed the Ministry of Interior. The source stressed the need for parents to monitor their children, follow what they publish on social media sites, discover any criminal deviation, and be careful of everything prohibited by the law, stressing the danger of neglecting to monitor their children.

An informed source said that the Public Prosecution investigated 51 State Security cases last year, 2023, including cases of incitement and calls to join criminal and banned terrorist groups, and other cases, and it is expected that juvenile cases will contribute to an increase in the percentage of these cases during the current year, 2024. The source pointed out that investigations are still continuing to search for any crime, whether committed by juveniles or others, and to carry out preemptive strikes to control security and arrest anyone who tries to transgress the law. The source stressed that there were summonses made by the Ministry of the Interior for juveniles who were observed being followed on many social media sites and clips of suspicious people inciting to join terrorist groups. After questioning them, it turned out that these juveniles were sympathetic to them but had no terrorist affiliations or tendencies, and their summoning was out of caution and more accurate knowledge.

This news has been read 3089 times!

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