Competition for the American forces in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, May 14: The American forces in Kuwait organized a competition to select the best battalion in the US Central Army. The competition, which included participants from the Arifjan and Buehring camps, was held from May 6 to May 11 in the training field in Adeira area, reports Al-Anba daily.

The competition started with a total of 14 teams of US forces in the two camps, each consisting of 5 participants, and five of these teams reached the final qualifiers.

It included arduous and violent qualitative tests aimed at enhancing the combat efficiency of the soldiers and exploring their capabilities in various military fields, physical fitness rates, and their ability to carry out tactical tasks and solve problems, as well as the use of the latest modern technologies in the battlefield to confront any emergency aggression.

Staff Sergeant Brian Disick of the US Army Central in Kuwait, who was in charge of the competition, praised Kuwait for hosting the American forces.

He expressed his happiness with the facilities provided by Kuwait to the American forces, which he described as complete and excellent.

Staff Sergeant Disick said, “Kuwait is an important strategic and logistical partner, and we are very happy to be in this country. We do not have any difficulties or problems. Everything is going well.”

He spoke about the nature of his mission in Kuwait, which he started three years ago, explaining that, “The objective behind holding such competitions is to spread the spirit of competition between the soldiers and the different battalions in order to achieve the best possible readiness to face any emergency and discover the maximum limits of their capabilities. These competitions challenge their physical and mental capabilities and their ability to work together.”

Staff Sergeant Disick highlighted the importance of ensuring that all battalions participating in the competition pass all difficulties and challenges, and are proficient in using all equipment such as radio and wireless devices, which they must have experience with.

He expressed his happiness that the participating battalions reached the final qualifiers, affirming that such competitions are taking place among the ranks of the American forces only so far, and that the Kuwaiti forces do not participate in them.

Staff Sergeant Disick said, “We hope our Kuwaiti friends will participate in this competition in the future, as they are a strategic partner for us.”.

He indicated that the aim of the competition, other than the aforementioned, is to qualify the winning battalion to participate in the US Army General Command competition to select the best battalion, which will be held in the state of South Carolina in August.

Meanwhile, the Senior Adviser appointed to the US Army Central Chief Sergeant Jacinto Garza said, “The best battalion competition tests the ability of the various battalions in the US army to carry out general military tasks and field exercises by putting them in the face of realistic and difficult scenarios that challenge their capabilities and require double physical effort and require work in the spirit of one team.

The winning battalion in the competition will represent the central command in the main competition organized by the US Army General Command to choose the best battalion next August.”

In a statement issued after announcing the result of the winning battalion in the competition, Chief Sergeant Garza affirmed that the competition for the best military division in Kuwait focuses on building the capabilities of the non-commissioned officer.

He stressed that success in the army depends on the junior commanders who are empowered to make decisions.

Chief Sergeant Garza said if they can share their training model effectively, it will help in making the Kuwaiti army better, adding, “A good team respects each other, cares for each other, and trusts each other.”

Chief Sergeant Garza explained that, “The competition focused on the small teams that fight and win the battles of our country. A total of 14 teams consisting of 70 soldiers were pressed hard both physically and mentally, and were tested on the use of weapons, land navigation, medical first aid, squad tactical proficiency and capabilities (from 5 to 10 soldiers), physical endurance and fitness, and strategic understanding of the army’s role in the Middle East and around the world.”

The winning team was the Charlie Company’s 116-2 Combined Arms Battalion, led by Staff Sergeant Joshua Hutchins.

This news has been read 24111 times!

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