Companies responsible for ‘flying gravel’ to face probe

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: Against the backdrop of increasing complaints by road users of flying gravel and vehicle damage, informed sources revealed that the Minister of Works Amani Bouqammaz will refer a number of companies to the Public Prosecution office soon, for not adhering to the terms and conditions of the contracts they implemented, saying faulty procedures adopted by these companies have led to the phenomenon of ‘flying gravel’ in the streets once again, reports Al- Qabas daily. The sources indicated that the Public Works Authority has finally put in place a new mechanism for approving asphalt factories, as part of a comprehensive plan to fix deficiencies that were a major cause of volatilization of gravel, on top of which is the absence of auditing and oversight of factories, and the consequent noncompliance with the specifications of asphalt mixtures set by the technical committees formed by the Ministry.

The sources pointed out that the new mechanism includes certificates issued by the government center for examinations, quality control and research in the ministry, which are valid for a year, based on a request submitted by the company that includes factory calibration and analysis of asphalt.

The sources stated that the mechanism also includes the implementation of unannounced field visits on a continuous basis by the engineers of the Field Asphalt Division of the Asphalt Department in the road laboratories of the factories, to ensure that the requirements for the approval of these factories are applied and violations are monitored.

The sources explained that the factory obtaining a calibration certificate will take place after submitting an approved application from the factory manager or his subordinate, including a valid license from the Public Authority for Industry, the Fire Department, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Kuwait Municipality, in addition to a list of the factory laboratory equipment and devices, indicating the serial number and the beginning and end of calibration for each device, list of workers in the factory, showing the job title and technical certificates.

She pointed out that in the case of requesting the approval of a temporary asphalt plant, a valid license application must be submitted from the Department of State Funds in the Ministry of Finance to the company that owns the factory, including the licensee’s contract number, and a study from the Environment Public Authority that includes the environmental requirements that the company that owns the factory is obligated to and a letter.

Features of the adoption mechanism of asphalt plants include availability of security certificates from the Quality Control Center, valid for one year; carrying out unannounced field visits by field asphalt division engineers; ensuring that the requirements for accreditation of factories are applied and violations are monitored; the factory obtains a calibration certificate approved by its director or his representative; a valid license from PAI, firefighting department, commerce ministry and the municipality and a list of the factory’s laboratory equipment and workers with their names and technical certificates.

This news has been read 18556 times!

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