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Committee formed to reduce Expats in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, June 18: The committee formed by the government to organize and adjust the population structure after the problem has exacerbated according to the latest statistics, and the pursuit of control and organization through three axes – controlling the large disparity between the number of communities, marginal labor and filling the legal gaps that are exploited to manipulate laws, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Security sources told the daily the committee, which consists of a number of government agencies such as the ministries of Social Affairs and Labor and Interior, the Public Authority of Manpower and representatives of a number of institutions have, proposed a number of measures and steps to amend the demographic structure due to following reasons.

To prevent the increase in the number of the community above the specified rate for security reasons and in order to reduce the rate of crime and ease of control and for economic reasons and to prevent the commercial monopolies of certain communities.

To prevent the extension of residence permit for expatriates in the private sector after the age of 65, as is the case in the government sector, as the benefit of the country after the age of these, except for certain occupations are determined and excluded by law No 3.

To prevent the transfer of residence permit in the private sector to another sponsor until at least five years have passed, to prevent manipulation and to remove those who do not want to work with their sponsor immediately if the work is refused.

To prevent the transfer from the public sector to the private sector, and allow the expansion of the government sector to use the labor inside the country instead of recruitment from abroad.

Initiate the increase of residence fees as soon as possible to bring on par with neighboring countries, because it is a way to reduce marginal employment on the one hand and to cope with the services provided.

Intensifying security campaigns to control and remove marginal workers and to report in monthly numbers as part of the steps to reset the population structure.

Imposition of fees on remittances abroad by a percentage determined by the amounts transferred, as a step to put pressure on marginal employment.

Urgently build cities to accommodate singles for security reasons to reduce crime and ease security control and for reasons associated with preventing the presence of singles in private housing.

Tightening penalties on those who harbor illegal workers, reconsidering the existing laws to make them more stringent for residence law violators.

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