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Commerce minister hails revised corporate law

KUWAIT CITY, April 12, (KUNA): Kuwaiti Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudan said Wednesday that the amended corporate law would positively reflect on Kuwait’s ranking in the business environment index. Speaking to reporters following a parliamentary session, Al-Roudan, who doubles as Acting Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said this legislation would greatly help in the issuance of licenses for small and medium-sized enterprises.

He added that the revised piece of legislation, which was approved by the National Assembly in the first and second readings, would lead to easing relevant procedures. The minister noted that the business center recently launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry would facilitate the issuance of business permits in the country.

Al-Roudan further unfolded that more pieces of legislation would be enacted soon with a view to improving the country’s economic conditions. Meanwhile, Dr Reem Al-Radwan, in charge of blood transfusion at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MoH), stressed on Wednesday importance of exchanging Arab expertise in field of blood transfusion.

Dr Al-Radwan made this statement to KUNA on sidelines of the 6th meeting of Arab League Organization for Blood and Transfusion Services, held at headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League. Kuwait is a leading center in the field of blood transfusion services, she said, noting that it has received international recognition, especially from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The Kuwaiti delegation, headed by Dr Al-Radwan, presented the latest safety techniques of blood diseases transmitted by blood transfusion. She pointed out that Kuwait is the first Arab country to have gained global recognition for specifying rare species and samples. Kuwait has officially submitted to the Arab League the national register of blood donors with rare blood types, Al-Radwan added. She also explained the difference in blood transfusion services from one Arab country to another and vital role in holding training courses and enhancing cooperation.

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