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Combined salaries not accepted to sponsor child on dependent visa

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My husband and I are working here in Kuwait on visa 18. My salary is KD 500 and my husband salary is KD 250 our combined salary is 750 KD. I have read in Kuwait visa information site the we can sponsor a child incase if both husband and wife working but only when their combined salary is more than KD 350 per month.

I have brought my 1.4 years old baby boy to Kuwait on visit visa so that we can convert his visa to family visa. My husband went to jawazaat today with all the documents but they denied saying we haven’t met the salary requirements.

Can you please help us what can be done so that I can have my baby boy with us here in Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: In times past you and your husband could have combined your salaries to obtain the minimum salary required to be able to sponsor your child. Unfortunately that practice has since been discontinued.

Indeed according to the latest decision in force it doesn’t matter what you earn as it is only the monthly salary of your husband’s which is considered when it comes to the issue of sponsoring a child.

The officials at Jawazaat were therefore within the ambit of the law when they rejected your husband’s application to sponsor the child because his monthly salary is below the minimum KD 450 monthly salary required. However, you still have a chance because the director general of Immigration has the authority to study and if needed approve applications of those expatriates who are earning less then KD 450, especially if both the parents of the child are already in Kuwait or if the baby is born in Kuwait your husband can therefore explore this option and book an appointment with the Director- General as both you and your husband are working in Kuwait.

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