Combatting Drugs: 19 Arrests Made In 14 Separate Cases

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 29:  In a decisive move against drug dealers and traffickers, law enforcement personnel have taken firm action to combat the distribution of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, leaving no room for their illicit activities.

In a series of 14 separate cases, law enforcement took 19 individuals into custody. These suspects were found in possession of roughly 10 kilograms of different drugs, including Hashish, Crystal Meth, Marijuana, and Heroin, along with nearly 10,000 psychotropic pills. Additionally, a considerable amount of money believed to be derived from illegal drug sales was confiscated.

Confronted with the evidence against them, the defendants admitted ownership of the seized items, acknowledging their intent to distribute and abuse these substances. Consequently, both the individuals involved and the confiscated items have been referred to the appropriate legal authorities to initiate necessary legal actions against them.

The Ministry of Interior emphasizes its steadfast dedication to vigorously confront drug dealers and traffickers while actively opposing their strategies. This commitment is motivated by the utmost priority of safeguarding society and shielding it from the harmful consequences of these dangerous substances. The Ministry stresses the significance of collaborative endeavors to eliminate drug-related problems and encourages the public to work together with security personnel by promptly reporting any suspicious activities or incidents through the emergency hotline at (112) and the General Administration for Drug Control’s hotline at (1884141).

This news has been read 3096 times!

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