Combat cancer through diet

Nutrition expert unveils four key dietary strategies

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KUWAIT CITY, May 20: Dr. Fajr Al Jumairi, a specialist in public health and community nutrition, sheds light on the pivotal role of nutrition in bolstering the body’s defenses against cancer, reports Al- Qabas daily. She underscores four key factors that influence the body’s ability to combat cancer cells and emphasizes the significance of incorporating anti- cancer foods into one’s diet.

Dr Al-Jumairi highlights the importance of blood flow to cancer cells for their growth and proliferation. Larger capillaries facilitate this process, whereas weaker and thinner ones impede it, allowing the immune system to eradicate cancer cells. Foods rich in certain nutrients can help reduce the mass of blood capillaries around cancer cells. These include organic soy, artichoke, parsley, garlic, turmeric, various berries, pomegranate, grapes with seeds, green tea, red tea, and bone broth soup. Stem cells, she says play a crucial role in cell regeneration and preventing mutations that could lead to cancer.

Al-Jumairi notes that populations following the Mediterranean diet, rich in leafy greens, vegetables, seafood, legumes, and healthy fats, exhibit higher levels of stem cells. Additionally, consuming dark chocolate with a high cocoa content can increase stem cell production. Saying beneficial bacteria in the gut help prevent cancer cell mutation by supporting digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function, Dr Al-Jumairi, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome, particularly by promoting the growth of Akkermansa bacteria.

Foods that can enhance Akkermansa levels include pomegranate, berries, and raw almonds or walnuts. The DNA damage from factors like sunlight, toxins, and environmental pollutants can contribute to disease development. Ensuring DNA health is vital for disease prevention and Dr Al-Jumairi recommends consuming organic black coffee, dark green leafy vegetables, and vitamin C-rich foods to support DNA integrity. In conclusion, Al-Jumairi underscores the importance of adhering to a balanced diet rich in nutrient-dense foods to support the body’s natural defenses against cancer. While nutrition plays a crucial role, she also emphasizes the importance of following prescribed treatment plans and undergoing regular medical check-ups for cancer patients

This news has been read 789 times!

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