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Thursday , October 28 2021

Co-op societies always maintain strategic stock for 6 mths

‘All basic commodities available in sufficient quantities’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 20: The head of the Consumer Cooperative Societies Union, Fahd Al-Kashti, said the strategic food reserve for the cooperative societies is sufficient for 6 months, indicating that since the beginning of the crisis all cooperative societies were asked to provide the stock for 6 months.

Al-Kashti said in a statement yesterday that the cooperative societies provide the strategic stock and can provide the stock for a full year if the need arises. On the issue of protection of employees and consumers, he said, “we have several requirements applied in cooperative societies, such as measuring the temperature of all workers in the cooperative societies before work begins and requiring workers to wear masks and gloves while on duty, in addition to measuring the temperature of consumers before entering the coops, and preventing the entry of any consumer whose temperature exceeds 37 degrees.

He pointed out the cooperative also ensures that all shopping carts are sterilized from time to time. He also said if any of the workers is found infected, the entire group of workers is isolated. The cooperatives also ensure social distancing among the consumers.

On the issue of availability of stock, he stressed all the basic commodities are available in sufficient quantities, because the societies are prepared for any emergency.

Al-Kashti praised the employees of the cooperative societies who have completed a full year since the outbreak of the crisis to provide all basic needs of citizens and residents, and despite the problems that have appeared, the cooperatives have shown their strength and steadfastness and continuous and diligent work to maintain food security.

By Faris Al-Abdan Al-Seyassah Staff

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