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Closure of activities related to children comes into force

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KUWAIT CITY, July 26: Government spokesman Tariq Al-Mazram announced that the Cabinet decided to reopen children’s activities from September. Earlier the Cabinet had decided to close summer clubs for children, starting from July 25.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutawa, a member of the main committee to monitor the implementation of the requirements related to combating the spread of Covid-19, said that the Cabinet’s decision to close all activities related to children, including nurseries and summer clubs, has entered into force as of Sunday.

Al-Mutawa, director of the Infection Prevention Department at the Ministry of Health, added in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the committee stressed in its meeting headed by its deputy chairman, Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, the importance of its field teams following up and monitoring all activities related to children and issuing violations against the owners of these activities in the event of a violation of the decision of the Council of Ministers.

He explained that the aforementioned Cabinet decision aims to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the country, “because children are a factor in transmitting infection. When they contract corona, they may not show symptoms of the disease clearly, or the symptoms are mild, and thus cause the infection to be transmitted to those around them faster.

He called on all children’s activities owners to adhere to the aforementioned Cabinet decision, stressing that anyone who violates this decision will be held accountable. He stressed the importance of parents’ commitment to applying health requirements to young children, as they are to adults, and not to be lenient in this matter by reducing gatherings and social events. Al-Mutawa stressed that adherence to health requirements is the most powerful weapon currently to confront COVID-19 until the largest number of citizens and residents are vaccinated in order to reach community immunity.

The Council of Ministers had taken a decision in its meeting held on the twelfth of July to close all activities for children, including summer clubs, from Sunday until further notice.

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