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Tuesday , December 6 2022

Classes in 118 schools will be suspended from Sept 27-28

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Nazaha completes bill on checking candidates poll campaign expenses

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 17: Former MP and Second Constituency candidate Khalil Abdullah Abul is a Shiite and a member of the National Islamic Alliance. He was born in 1965 and holds a Doctorate Degree in Programming Engineering. He served as Information Technology systems consultant at the College of Science in Kuwait University. He is a member of Kuwait Engineers Society. He ran for elections for the first time in 2008, ranking 20th in the Fifth Constituency with 2,395 votes and 17th in the Third Constituency during the February 2012 elections with 3,505. He emerged victorious in the December 2012 elections, ranking second in the same constituency with 3,887 as well as in the 2013 elections with 3,099 votes. In 2016, he took the eighth spot in the constituency with 2,443 votes. He lost in the 2020 elections, ranking 14th in the constituency with 2,456 votes.

Voting record 2012 Parliament

■ One-man one-vote bill: approved

■ Postponing the grilling of Minister of Oil and Interior Ahmed Al- Homoud: rejected

■ Postponing the grilling of Minister of State for Housing and Municipal Affairs Salem Al-Ozaina: rejected

■ Postponing the grilling of Minister of Finance Mustafa Al-Shamali: rejected

■ Postponing the grilling of Minister of Oil Hani Husain: rejected

■ Combating terrorism and money laundering: absent

■ First reading of the bill on waiving off citizens’ loans: approved

■ Referring the grilling motion against Minister of Oil and Interior Ahmed Al-Homoud to the Constitutional Court: approved 2013 Parliament

■ No-confidence motion against Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Information Muhammad Al-Abdullah in 2013: rejected

■ Forming a fact-finding committee to investigate the MPs bank deposits in 2013: absent

■ Partnership Projects Bill in 2014: approved

■ Amending the Constitutional Court Law in 2014: abstained

■ Cancellation of the grilling motion against HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak in 2014: rejected

■ DNA Bill in 2015: approved

■ Cybercrimes Bill in 2015: rejected

■ Bill on disqualifying candidates convicted in offensive crimes from the 2016 election: rejected

On Dec 21, 2018, Abul was quoted as saying that the government causes destruction to the nation; considering that it remains silent whenever someone delivers a sectarian speech, while it sues whoever advises it to take action against those who spread sectarian thoughts in society.

“As MP, I represent the entire society. I am concerned about a group of citizens who feel isolated and marginalized. The government condemns me for taking such a position; thereby, forcing me to react in an impolite manner,” he asserted.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education has announced that classes in 118 schools will be suspended from Sep 27-28; because these schools will be used as polling precincts on Sept 29 – Election Day. These schools will be handed over to the Ministry of Interior by the end of official working hours on Sept 26.

Meanwhile, Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has completed the bill on monitoring the candidates’ expenditures on their electoral campaigns. The bill will be referred to the government for revision, if necessary; and then it will be referred to the next legislature for ratification. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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