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Monday , September 27 2021

Clarify Mosafer, MP insists

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: Citizens who traveled before Aug 1, 2021 can return to Kuwait without the need to obtain two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine; but they are required to undergo home quarantine until their negative PCR test result is out, says MP Hamed Al-Matar quoting Health Minister Dr Basel Al-Sabah.

In addition, MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari asked the senior officials at Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to hold a press conference to inform the citizens about recent decisions concerning Kuwait Mosafer platform and explain the contradictory points. He said the citizens are confused because of rapid and frequent changes in decisions and circulars.

In another development, MP Hamed Al-Matar forwarded queries to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al- Muhammad about the measures taken regarding the offensive tweets of some bloggers from some Arab sisterly countries targeting the Kuwaiti nation and figures. He cited the tweet of Emirati blogger Husain Mesharbek on July 26, 2021: “Today, we woke up in Tunisia. Tomorrow, we will wake up in Kuwait, say Amen.” He considers the tweet interference in Kuwaiti affairs, exceeding the level of criticism that is acceptable for Kuwait. He added this is not the first time that such tweet is circulated. He requested for a list of offensive tweets which prompted the Foreign Affairs Ministry to file a case against the concerned bloggers including the names of the bloggers, their countries, Twitter account names, dates of launching such accounts, reasons behind uploading the tweets, and court verdict in each case.

He demanded for copies of the letters that the ministry sent to the relevant Kuwaiti embassies in a bid to file lawsuits against the bloggers, names of bloggers who were not convicted, number of lawsuits that foreign embassies in Kuwait have filed against Kuwaiti bloggers, court decision in each case, and number of lawsuits that the ministry filed against those who offended Kuwait and national figures. He said the government must know that the existence of thousands of Afghans in Kuwait is unacceptable. He is commenting on news that Kuwait will host Afghans who cooperated with the American forces while occupying Afghanistan. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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