Civil Service Commission sets rules for shift work

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 16: In a recent announcement, the Civil Service Commission underscored the unwavering dedication of government agencies to adhere to the established controls and conditions for assigning employees to shift work. These guidelines were meticulously outlined in the Civil Service Council’s decision concerning compensation for overtime assignments and the shift system, along with subsequent amendments.

Outlined below are key provisions set by the Civil Service Commission:

  1. Continuous 24-hour Operations: The designated work center is required to operate ceaselessly, 24 hours a day.
  2. Alignment with Department Competencies: The nature of the assigned employee’s work on the shift must align with the competencies of the respective department.
  3. Biometric Attendance Verification: Employees assigned to any shift system must validate their attendance and departure through a biometric fingerprint verification process.
  4. Organizational Competencies Requirement: The organizational competencies of the work center should necessitate the implementation of a shift system.
  5. Restrictions on Shift Assignments: Secretaries, typists, administrators, and individuals handling information systems and technology functions cannot be assigned to the shift system without prior approval from the Bureau.
  6. Supervisory Position Limitations: Individuals occupying supervisory positions cannot be assigned to the shift system in work centers characterized by an administrative nature without obtaining prior approval from the Bureau.
  7. Exclusion from Salary Breakdown Certificate: Shift allowance, food allowance, and nightlife allowance are not permitted to be included in the salary breakdown certificate.

These directives aim to maintain a structured and compliant approach to shift work assignments within government agencies, ensuring alignment with organizational needs and employee competencies while upholding transparency in compensation practices.

This news has been read 4360 times!

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