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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Kuwaitis divided about warnings not to approach border areas for truffles

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 26: The citizens remain divided about repeated warnings not to approach the border areas to pick up truffles particularly in the northern and southern parts of the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

The supporters say the procedures are concerning security of the country and in the best interests of the nation, especially for those who go beyond the security fence under the pretext of looking for truffles.

The environmental activist, head of Green Line Environmental Group Khaled Al-Hajri, called on the community to be responsible and conscious about wildlife and the environmental recovery that was evident in the country’s wildlife after the heavy rains. “The wild environment in Kuwait is very sensitive, very weak, its soil is not coherent, the wild plants that have emerged because of the rainy season have weak roots that need to be aware of, and careful to approach them and not to uproot them because they have an important role in stabilizing soil and reducing dust storms, which the country is exposed.

The members of the community also called for the need to be aware of environmental violations that may lead to criminalization and referral to the Public Prosecution, where exposure to fungal plants is prohibited.

The head of the Kuwait ‘Environmental Lenses Team’ Rashed Al-Haji had a different opinion. “Instead of warning against approaching the border, they have to go to preserve the reserves. There is no doubt that the call to avoid borders is logical. These protected areas are being penetrated because of poor control.

Al-Haji pointed out that the solution “to provide protection for all Kuwait’s reserves, such as the protection of Sabah Al-Ahmad, Al- Jahra, Kabd and Al-Layyah is the responsibility of the National Guard or the Environment Police.”

In turn, Abdullah Al-Mutairi supported the authorities saying trespassing in these areas is contrary to the laws and regulations. He called it a crime to enter these areas for fishing or grazing cattle because the border areas are heavily guarded to maintain security of the country. Al-Mutairi thanked the Ministry of Interior for its efforts to raise awareness among citizens and residents.

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