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China refuses to allow India to block Chinese apps on its cell phones

KUWAIT, Sept 3: The Chinese Ministry of Commerce rejected today, Thursday, India’s ban on new Chinese applications on mobile phones, including the mobile version of the popular game (PUBG), saying that “the Indian side has misused the concept of national security and adopted restrictive measures that discriminate against Chinese companies. “

This came in a statement by the ministry’s spokesman Gao Feng during the weekly press conference at the ministry’s headquarters, according to China International Television Network (CGTN), commenting on India’s decision on Wednesday to ban 118 mobile phone applications linked to China under the pretext that “these applications participate in activities that harm the sovereignty of the country.” India, its unity, state security and public order. “

“This measure not only harms the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors and service providers, but also harms the interests of Indian consumers and India’s investment environment as an open economy,” Feng said.

“With this step, the Indian side violated the relevant World Trade Organization rules and must correct its wrong practices in this regard,” he added, stressing that the Chinese government always requires its companies to abide by international rules and act according to the laws and regulations in the countries in which they carry out activities.

The Indian authorities have banned 30 last June 59 application for mobile phones , mostly Chinese applications , including the application of the famous video clips (Tech Talk) and (and Achat) as a “threat to the sovereignty of India and disturb its security.” 

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