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China official says coronavirus lawsuits against China are ‘illegal’

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BEIJING – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says any lawsuits brought against China over the COVID-19 have “zero factual basis in law or international precedence.”
Wang told reporters at a news conference on Sunday that China was a victim of the global pandemic alongside other countries and had reached out to assist other governments in need.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi is seen broadcasted remotely on big screens at the media center during a press conference held on the sideline of the National People’s Congress in Beijing on Sunday, May 24, 2020. (AP Photo/Ken Moritsugu)

“To our regret, in addition to the raging of the new coronavirus, a political virus is also spreading in the U.S. which is to take every chance to attack and discredit China,” Wang said.

“Some U.S. politicians, heedless of basic facts, have fabricated too many lies and plotted too many conspiracies,” Wang said.
Raising such lawsuits “tramples on the international rule of law and abandons the human conscience. It’s untrue, unjustifiable and illegal,” Wang said.

Those who would bring such litigation against China are “living in a daydream and will humiliate themselves,” Wang said.

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