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Thursday , October 6 2022

Children between 5 yrs to 11 yrs to be vaccinated soon

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KUWAIT CITY, Sep 26: With Pfizer-Biontech announcing that they are close to obtain a license to use their vaccine against age group of 5 yrs to 11 yrs, the Ministry of Health is preparing to vaccinate children between the age group of 5 and 11 years which will eventually lead to resume attending schools for them from second semester onward maintaining health measures and by continuing downward curve of pandemic. Pfizer had earlier stated that it had obtained fresh data from clinical trials which were conducted on 2,268 children ranging from 5 to 11 yrs old who had strong immunity and there was no reason for concerns.

Sources stated that the vaccination for this group will begin within a few weeks as soon as  Pfizer-Biontech vaccine obtains a license to use it from the United States and Europe, the vaccine for this group will be of much lower dose as compared to above 12 yrs and adults, reports Al Rai. Currently as per the statistics this group is above 427,000 until end of last year.
Among this targeted group around 10% to 15% may either not want to be vaccinated or having health issues which will prevent vaccination drive, hence between 360,000 to 380,000 will be vaccinated.

Following are the age category stats from 5 yrs to 11 yrs
5 years: 61,563 (33,285 Kuwaitis and 28,278 expats)
6 years old: 63,221 (34,149 Kuwaitis and 29072  expats  )
7 years old: 61225 (32,901 Kuwaiti and 28,324  expats  )
8 years old: 61,736 (33,532 Kuwaitis and 28,204  expats  )
9 years: 60,748 (33,056 Kuwaitis and 27,692  expats  )
10 years: 60,424 (33,766 Kuwaitis and 26,658  expats  )
11 years old: 58,234 (32,740 Kuwaitis and 25,494  expats  )

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