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Friday , October 18 2019

Change in Indemnity law No.17/ 2018

KUWAIT CITY, April 9: Senior government officials confirmed a government-parliamentary consensus on amending Law No.17/ 2018, which includes modifications to Labor Law No.6/2010 of private sector, reports Al-Anba daily.

The same sources added the proposed amendment stipulates that Kuwaiti personnel are entitled to full indemnity at the end of their service – without the employer deducting the sum from their salaries to pay for the Public Authority for Social Security subscription.

They indicated the indemnity will be paid in full by the current employer at the end of their service retroactively from the date of implementing Labor Law No.6/2010.

They explained that the new amendment stipulates the inclusion of all those who resigned from work after 2010.

It also includes those who resigned from private sector following the labor law amendment concerning the disbursement of full indemnity to retirees in oil sector from 2010 to 2017 wherein government set a condition to pay full indemnity to oil sector retirees only.

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